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By Bill Blokker, Ed.D.

Do you work hard to accomplish a goal and not succeed? Do you sometimes feel unworthy? Do challenging situations overwhelm you? If you answered YES to any question, Achieve Beyond Expectations is for you. It’s a “how to” manual for triumphing in any situation. It answers these questions:

  • How do I identify and eliminate self-imposed barriers to my success? 

  • How can I control situations? 

  • How can I control my reactions in challenging situations?

  • How can I conquer obstacles imposed by others?

  • What separates the extraordinary performer from the ordinary performer?

This book illustrates how real people accomplished amazing feats using five intangibles. You learn how a convicted felon became an outstanding lawyer and professor at a distinguished law school. How an 11-year old girl overcame a vegetative state to win Olympic medals. This book uncovers all they learned to help you master the five intangibles.


This book goes into depth on the 5 intangibles that separate the extraordinary from the ordinary: self-awareness, emotional control, habits, expectations and self-efficacy. They ignite your power within to take control of your life.

Achieve Beyond Expectations is a no-nonsense, get real, wake-up call for those who want real change in their lives. You will learn there’s no quick fix for success. The achievers in this book overcame oppressive conditions by transforming their emotional, intellectual and physical performance. The transformation was difficult and time consuming, but they did it. You can too! Master the 5 intangibles in this “how to” book to make the impossible, possible!

“When you look in a mirror, what do you see?

All that you are or all you can be?”                                          

                                                                                            Bill Blokker, Ed.D.