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Leadership and Performance Consultant

Bill Blokker knows how to achieve beyond expectations, and he knows how to get others to do the same. His entire professional career has been a quest to make the impossible possible. Blokker understands that people and companies are often their own worst enemies. They create self-imposed barriers that paralyze their performance and productivity.  


Execution transcends talent! When you take command of the five execution intangibles, you take control of your life. You maximize your talent and release the power within.


Blokker’s wide-ranging experience provides the expertise to identify and eliminate self-imposed barriers. Blokker will lead you through a 3-phase transformation process: 

  • Identify the self-imposed barriers that paralyze your talent

  • Implement specific action steps to control the troublesome barriers

  • Monitor your progress: emotional, intellectual and physical performance, then adjust behaviors to get the desired results.

Blokker has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals to make significant changes. He knows there are no quick fixes. To succeed with significant change takes time and persistence. Bill’s expertise and inspiration triggers extraordinary results. 


Bill Blokker’s hands-on, real world expertise is available to ignite your hidden potential.  You can achieve beyond expectations. You can make the impossible, possible!

“Habits are hidden mind chains 

that control up to 75% of your daily behavior.”

                                                                                               Bill Blokker, Ed.D.

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